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FREE Crochet Pattern - Handbag

Make this handbag from one ball of 3mm x 100m cotton cords. Not for beginners!

100m x 3mm Cotton Cord
Crochet Hooks: 5mm, 4.5mm, 4mm
Stitches Used
ch = chain
sc = Single Crochet
cssc = Cross Stitch Single Crochet: Insert hook into next stitch, instead of yarning over, with hook pointing down, grab yarn, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook
hdc = half double crochet
blo = When crocheting into the back loops, I also pick up the third loop (sometimes called the back bump). I find this provides stability to the project.
Invisible join = check out the blog "How to crochet an invisible join" to get an idea of the technique. This pattern uses the same technique up the side of the bag.
I start off using a 5mm hook and graduate to a 4mm hook.

Pattern for Bag Base

Using 5mm hook: ch 25

Change to 4.5mm hook: sc in 2nd ch from hook, 22 sc, 3 sc in last ch, 22 sc along other side of chains, 1sc in same ch as 1st sc, join row with invisible join as per following video. (50 sts)


The join may seem unusual but will make for a much more discreet seam up the side of your bag than doing slip stitches.

Body of Bag

Change to 4mm hook.

Row 1. Ch 1 (place marker), work 49 cssc into back and third loops, join row with invisible join over chain at start of row.

Rows 2-15:  49 cssc, join row with invisible join over chain at start of row.

Row 16. ch 1, 10 cssc, 12 ch, skip 9 cssc, 15 cssc, 12 ch, skip 9 cssc, 6 cssc, invisible join.

This centred my handles on each side but you may have to adjust.

Row 17. Note: sc into bottom of cssc from previous row. This will create a long stitch around the top of the bag.

ch 1, 10 sc, 22 hdc over 12 ch, 15 sc, 22 hdc over 12 ch, 7 sc.

Should look like photo below.

Cut yarn, join row with needle, weave in end.