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How to crochet an invisible join

This method is specifically for when using Centre Single Crochet Stitch. Inserting the hook between the Vs of the stitch from the previous round. It's sometimes called Waistcoat Stitch and is very popular when making baskets.

Avoiding Ugly Seams

One way to avoid ugly joins at the end of each row is to use the spiral method. But then you have to stagger the end at the top of the basket. That's fine if it's the look you are going for.

The method featured here (I confess I have no clue as to the technical term) creates a very discreet join on the outside of baskets. The arrow points to the joining seam.


This is what it looks like on the inside.

It might take a bit of practice to figure out how long your loop should be, but well worth the effort.


Of course this technique can be used on other projects like bags and poufs etc. I have even changed it slightly for when using a different stitch. I'll share that with you too.