WATG Billie Jean Yarn - Dirty Denim

  • 135m
  • 100g
  • 10cm x 10cm = 18sts / 24 rows
  • WPI 11/DK
  • officially certified by the Vegan Society

Billie Jean Yarn is made from pre-consumer denim scraps and offcuts which are ground back into fibres and re-spun into yarn. We don’t use any dye fixers or chemicals in this process, however this does mean some dye may transfer to your needles or hands while you’re stitching.

  • Washing Instructions
    Hand wash only in cold or lukewarm water
  • Do not exceed 30 degrees
  • Use a delicates hand wash detergent
  • Give your knits a gentle squeeze and leave in the water for a few minutes
  • Once done, roll in a clean towel to remove excess water
  • Dry flat

Note: as this product is upcycled denim it will perform as most blue jeans and there is possibility it will fade during the first wash and have a small amount of colour transfer.