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Bobbiny Pattern Links

Easy Round Crochet Basket by Chunky Yarn Barn

Pattern details here

Alexis Round Rug Crochet Pattern by Chunky Yarn Barn

Pattern details here

Crochet Crossbody Bag Pattern by Bilibag

Includes written pattern AND video tutorial. Suitable for beginners.

Requires approx 50m x 5mm Bobbiny Braided Cords

Pattern details here

Rectangle Basket Crochet Pattern by Pixie's Magic Hook. Available on Etsy

Macrame Heart Medallion Tutorial by Bobbiny and Macramagic Marta Drabik

Download here

Check out this fabulous seamless Moon Bag crochet pattern by Emily at make.e

No sewing required!! When you cast off you will have made your whole bag in one piece!

Requires 100m x 5mm Bobbiny Cotton Cords. How fab is that?!?!

Pattern details here

This crochet basket pattern by Pixie's Magic Hook uses Bobbiny's 5mm Cotton Cords.

Pattern details here

Adinah Doily Floor Rug Crochet Pattern by Periwinkle Crochet

Requires 700m x 3mm Bobbiny Junior Braided Cords

Pattern details here

This Boho Rug pattern by ATERGcrochet  is an Etsy Bestseller has been designed for Bobbiny 3mm Junior Cotton Cords. It has a step by step tutorial. 

Pattern details here