Crochet Mobile Phone Carry Case Kit

Recommended for Crochet Skill Level -Ā Intermediate

šŸŽ„ Video Tutorials availableĀ here


āœ± MATILDA Braided Cord 3mm 100m + 50m

  • 100% Regenerated Cotton
  • made in Australia
  • please enter chosen colour inĀ  'Order Notes' on the 'Cart'Ā page

      āœ±Ā Swivel Clasps

      • high quality
      • gold / nickel / gun metal grey

      āœ± Genuine Leather 'made with ā™”' Tag

      • tan colour
      • laser cut + etched onĀ one side

      āœ± Chicago Screw

      • gold / nickel / black
      • easy to attach/remove - the back screws into the front

      6mm crochet hook availableĀ here